Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Game Sunday Polo, Pizza Party

I know most of the ATXBPSC members are not the biggest football fans, but I also know that after a long afternoon of polo we can scarf down free pizza and beer faster than a bunch of stoned Ninja Rurtles.

If the prospect of lots of home-made gourmet wood-fired pizza is enough to get you within a few meters of a 47" HDTV for the Super Bowl tomorrow night after polo at Eastwoods, Rich has invited everyone to celebrate with him and watch the game at his place.

Full details are on Facebook

From his description:

I will have:
dough and various topping for pizza
A keg of some beer. sorry no home made beer :(
Some appetizers

You can bring:
a special topping for your pizza
a side dish
friends or family

He'll be busy firing up his home made wood fired pizza oven while the rest of us are working up an appetite. I'll be heading out there around 5 or so, the game starts at 7. He lives rather far north, so If people want to carpool, I'm cool with that and can take 4 others without bikes, and drop them off at eastwoods after the party.

See ya'll tomorrow!


  1. FUCK FOOTBALL!!!!!!

  2. Oh I am absolutely there! (i wish!(not the football,Though))! i found the abq court, but turns out they cancelled..they use a chain lock through their 4 cones, so they don't have to transport them..tell jimmy happy birthday from me..and will someone mail me a lone star?d

  3. It's on like Donkey Kong!