Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bike Polo Spring Break and SouthEastSide Polo Invitational Tournament

I know I will be going to Pensacola for the entire week of spring break leading up to the SESPI tournament on the weekend of Feb 27-28. I have paid for my spot in a house that is very very full already with like every single person who will be there for the week.
Frazer from Mobile started a thread on for housing specifically on the weekend and the one house is full and there are still extra people without housing (like 6 from Jacksonville or Tallahasse or somewheres...) so Ryan thinks whoever from Austin (Rob? Miguel? Annie? Jasmine? Casey?) should join forces with these leftover floridians and git yourselves a house yall! its not hard. Its not expensive. The people in Frazer's house are each paying a total of $30-$35 for two nights.
Go to this thread. Get in to action. Get yoursleves a roof to sleep under. Woohoo!!!



    Have fun, ya'll!

  2. hahah! yes keith! you should come with one of these tourneys! for real!

  3. Miguel and I are riding down there Thursday, and comeing back Monday, still no definite place to crash yet, working on it. I have room for a few more!

  4. rob, i say just crash a house (like mine, but dont tell anyone that i said that!) if nothing else works out. i say the more the merrier ya know? we all love one another! we're polo players!