Thursday, February 18, 2010

Derek Brings the Ruckus to Albuquerque

I just got an update from our very own death polo maniac. The relocation and life changes hasn't slowed down the man in purple leopard pants. Looks like he has found his polo niche in Albuquerque. Check out his new ideas for Death Polo comic strip!

"since i can't seem to find the environment here..i regret not doing the death polo with flashpots and flames and metal at eastwoods where we can get away with it...i'm playing polo thurs and sun here........remember "heavy metal" magazine? before anime?, i am going to submit a death polo episode. i'm sketching death polo comic book now.
still no girls..making flyers and putting them on bikes tomorrow UNM area....i'll get a team together to come to austin and kick your asses. it will be me and two girls like wendy and lisa from prince...yes, my lithium batt on the way, so i can use my camcorder again..damn i miss ya'll! ~Derek

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