Sunday, February 28, 2010

Via Jason @ ATXBS:

"Today is the usual Sunday Bike Polo out at Eastwoods Park, but this time around there's going to be NOTHING usual about it. The pros are out of town at the tourneys so us amateurs get to work on some skill development without being slaughtered all day long, the weather is sunny and warm, and because we fucking felt like we we decided that we're going to have a BBQ! Show up at 2pm polo time (2:45-3pm for real time) to get in on some playing, I'll be showing up shortly thereafter to begin making with the grub...

As for the whys and wherefors of the BBQ, here it is: It's a beautiful February day in Texas, so what better way to enjoy it than with some friendly bloodshed and the roasting of raw meet over open fires? I'm pitching in for a lot of sausage, 2 lbs of chicken and some tortillas. There's going to be charcoal and some chips and shit also provided, but if you guys want more than that you need to swing by somewhere and bring it! Don't leave me hanging here, lets have a spread of some tasty shit. Veggie food and sides are appreciated, beer is REALLY appreciated, and if you had a bottle of liquor kicking around you'd be my best friend. I'm taking a short drinking break but today's my last day to imbibe. Humor me."

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