Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bike Polo at the Pit!!

Yep you heard right, when Mo, Charlie and I were traveling across the East coast, we had to stop by the pit. Doug D was there to take some pics and play, and man let me tell you, the play is way different in New York City... they are all so talented. Loved watching and playing the little bit I did. Here is the link to the pics he posted, if you haven't been to Doug's website then you don't take this game serious enough..., come one, tell me you haven't run a search and seen that shit.... if you haven't, then check it out now!!!

We actually met up with 2 guys from Albany and 1 guy from DC came up to play with us at the pit. This was an awesome day! Rode around Brooklyn, played in two different locations, ate some cheap ass dumplings in China town, met a lot of really good polo players and got schooled by all of 'em! I loved it!

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