Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Dropout nov. 2009

If you guys didn't attend the Dropout release party, like me, then you may not have seen one of these little magazines yet. I got a copy from Mo the other day and have since then read through most of it. I like it. Lots of different stuff happening in there, reflective of a lot of the Austin bike scenes. I'm not going to review it, because that's not what this site is for. But, speaking of Mo, she wrote a nice little article in there about her first experiences coming out to bike polo. If you haven't seen it, you should read it. It's interesting, to me at least, to hear about how people hear and feel about what we've got going on here. I suspect a lot of you had similar experiences. Mine was. Well I hope I don't piss anyone off, but I'm going to post the article on here to see. (Sorry Scott and Leana.) If you want to read it in real life high definition, go buy a copy or find a friend who has a copy. These may suffice for some of you!

The full spread.

page 36
I really like the way they put the mallet toss photos in there! Awesome!

page 37

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