Saturday, November 14, 2009

Week 1 ATXGBPT 2009

So far on our trip we've hit up the Como tourney, which you already knew, Lexington Kentucky, Cincinnati Ohio, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Cleveland Ohio, and we are now in Buffalo New York. We've been playing polo and driving most of the time, and let me tell you guys, the Polo community so far has been extremely amazing in getting organized to play on an off night, arrange to get lights turned on or set up, and most importantly housing and entertaining us strangers for a night.

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun this trip has been. So far everyone has welcomed us with open arms to their courts, which are all unique in their own way, played pick up with us, talked shit with us, drank and partied with us... all for the sake of this crazy sport we call bike polo. We played on Lexington's and Cleveland's dedicated bike polo courts, rode around Cinncinati after playing on their round court by the river, we saw the Urban Velo hq in Pittsburgh, not to mention played polo with both Jeff and Brad from UV, rode around Charlie's hometown of Buffalo and played pick up in the Target parking lot. We've made friends, traded merchandise, eaten some crazy good food, seen some beautiful skylines and most importantly played polo with a bunch of different people who all love this sport.

This weekend we are hitting up both Philly and NYC, which apparently both have really great polo scenes... I hope they are as great as the last cities we've been in. Each place gets better and better, I hope this trend continues.

As much as I miss all of you in ATX, I don't really want to come back! Ha, this is too much fun! Here are some more pics from our trip!



We couldn't get a group shot of the polo guys/gals, but that's Brad who co-runs Urban Velo, and happens to be one hell of a polo player.



Coleslaw and Fries on every sandwhich, Pittsburgh style

Buffalo is a safe place!

Lexington Courts

Cincinnati Court

Cleveland Court


  1. Those courts are legit. We need to push council to build one for us.

  2. i see yinz guys went to primanti brothers while in the burgh.


  3. Hope you guys had fun. Can't wait to play Texas style.