Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 2 of como

The como tourney was a huge success. The como guys and gals were all super nice and welcoming, and they sure know how to throw a tournament. We met teams from 7 or so states, who were also super cool. We also surprised a lot of people and have now officially put Austin on the polo-verse map. You all better be ready to step up your game, cause this sport is so much more than what we've been playing. Miguel, Charlie and I finished up tying Pheonix A team for 5th or 6th. Mo, Jasmine, Annie, and Casey played some good games Sunday, and hopefully had a really good time and learned some moves while at it. I feel like it would have been worth the trip just to see the level of play these teams are at! Amazing! I'll post some pics when I can!

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