Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bike Polo - ATX style

Here's the video Jacob and his crew did on bike polo. I really like how they edited and put it all together, but I'm not sure what the Fast Folks references in the beginning are really doing for bike polo. I hope they aren't alluding to us buying our equipment at Fast Folks, because I wouldn't buy something so nice to put on my Polo bike, unless of course I absolutely needed it. Cyrus, Mo, Dan, great job speaking. Good job to the rest of the club for coming out and representing bike polo, ATX style. Jacob and Leah, thanks for doing this and great work, you guys are amazing at what you do, now if only we can get you back out to play with us!

don't be too cool for brakes! ha!


  1. where can we find a larger format video? d

  2. at polo, someone left a little tin box..round and paisley..i guess a girl..7450556 derek