Monday, November 23, 2009

New Orleans Tourney Re-cap


The Ladies

The score cards

The final bracket

There were close to 20 teams, representing several different states, that showed up for New Orleans First Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament. The Nola guys did an excellent job building boards for two courts they created in an open parking lot close to downtown. It was rainy the first day and the courts were slick, so play was slower and a lot of teams ended up tying their games.

Austin had 3 teams go out to represent our club. Mo, Jasmine, and Annie, who changed their team name from when they played in Como, did well representing our ladies. Israel, Dan, and Casey, Team Dan, also did really well, upsetting some teams who thought they were better. Miguel, Charlie and I, Team Hymen, I'm back (previously Team Hymen, I'm home), took home the Gold, giving the ATXBPSC it's first tournament win. Our team went undefeated the whole weekend with a record of 8-0-2. We even had to play our boys Team Dan and almost had to play our ladies team. Israel was voted MVP of the tournament and won an awesome Milwuakee polo guard, so watch out y'all, he is now heavily armed!

We all did well to represent our club. I hope more of you will go to some of these tournaments in the Future. They are way too much fun! The polo community is strong, indeed, and it's so worth the trip just to watch.

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